Production of high pressure equipment for moistening, cooling and dust suppression


industrial series

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The production line of pump installations is designed for intensive work 24/7. The high-pressure pump is equipped with a 1450 rpm electric motor (380 V, 50 Hz). The unloading valve relieves pressure behind the machine after it stops to restart. In case the water is absent at the inlet, the pressure switch stops the installation. It is possible to connect control devices: time / humidity / temperature controller. Gear oil: SAE 75W90.


Pressure: 70 bar
Electric motor: 1450 rpm, 400 V — 50 Hz
Frame: galvanized steel
over: stainless steel AISI 304 / painted galvanized steel
Piston: ceramic (3 pcs.)
Head: Brass
Dimensions: 45 × 78 × 50 cm
Pumping group: Interpump


АртикулМодельДавлениеРасход водыМощностьНапряжениеВес
VNB1BASIC-170 бар1.0 л/мин1.47 кВт400 В58 кг
VNB2BASIC-270 бар2.0 л/мин1.47 кВт400 В58 кг
VNB4BASIC-470 Bar4.01.47 kW400 V58 kg
VNB6BASIC-670 Bar6.01.47 kW400 V58 kg
VNB8BASIC-870 Bar8.0 l/min1.47 kW400 V58 kg
VNB11BASIC-1170 Bar11.0 l/min1.47 kW400 V58 kg
VNB13BASIC-1370 Bar13.0 l/min2.21 kW400 V61,3 kg
VNB15BASIC-1570 Bar15.0 l/min2.21 kW400 V61,5 kg
VNB18BASIC-1870 Bar18.0 l/min2.94 kW400 V66,5 kg
VNB21BASIC-2170 Bar21.0 l/min2.94 kW400 V66,5 kg
VNB26BASIC-2670 Bar26.0 l/min4.05 kW400 V80,5 kg
VNB33BASIC-3370 Bar33.0 l/min5.52 kW400 V98,5 kg
VNB42BASIC-4270 Bar42.0 l/min5.52 kW400 V98,5 kg
VNPP1BASIC-PP130 — 70 Bar0.5 — 1.0 l/min1.50 kW400 V52 kg
VNPP2BASIC-PP230 — 70 Bar0.5 — 2.0 l/min1.50 kW400 V52 kg
VNPP4BASIC-PP430 — 70 Bar0.5 — 4.0 l/min1.50 kW400 V54 kg
VNPP6.5BASIC-PP6.530 — 70 Bar1.3 — 6.5 l/min3.00 kW400 V65 kg
VNPP8BASIC-PP830 — 70 Bar1.6 — 8.0 l/min3.00 kW400 V65 kg
VNPP11BASIC-PP1130 — 70 Bar2.2 — 11.0 l/min3.00 kW400 V68 kg
VNPP13BASIC-PP1330 — 70 Bar2.6 — 13.0 l/min3.00 кВт400 V68 kg
VNPP15BASIC-PP1530 — 70 Bar3.0 — 15.0 l/min3.00 кВт400 V68 kg
VNPP21BASIC-PP2130 — 70 Bar4.5 — 21.0 l/min4.00 кВт400 V75 kg
VNPP26BASIC-PP2630 — 70 Bar6.0 — 26.0 l/min3.00 кВт400 V80 kg
VNPP33BASIC-PP3330 — 70 Bar9.5 — 33.0 l/min5.50 кВт400 V90 kg
VNPP42BASIC-PP4230 — 70 Bar13.0 — 42.0 l/min3.00 кВт400 V100 kg

* — The model range with the letters PP is a pump installation, in which the engine is controlled by a frequency converter.